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Leading Cleaning and Painting Services for Brookline, MA, Homes and Businesses

“3rd Hand Cleaning & Painting in Brookline, MA – Where quality meets your specific cleaning and painting needs.”

Struggling with persistent dust or outdated paint in your Brookline home or office? 3rd Hand Cleaning & Painting is here to address these challenges. We pride ourselves on a team of experts who push the boundaries of cleaning and painting services. Our offerings range from comprehensive deep cleaning to specialized tile and countertop restoration, all utilizing advanced technology and methods. In the realm of painting, our skilled team transforms your space with colors that truly represent your style.

Upgrade Your Space with Excellence

Committed to excellence, 3rd Hand Cleaning & Painting delivers personalized and reliable cleaning services in Brookline, MA. Our team is not just skilled in high-quality cleaning; we also emphasize eco-friendly practices. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our clients and staff is a crucial focus for us. Whether you need regular cleaning or a full-scale deep clean, we are ready to assist. Contact us to talk about your specific cleaning and painting requirements in Brookline, MA.